The role of teacher talk in the foreign language classroom

How effective can teacher talk be in promoting language learning? Here are some points to consider on the input and feedback we give to our learners and on our level of involvement during the lesson The role of teacher talk, our overall involvement in the language lesson and our interaction with our students can playContinue reading “The role of teacher talk in the foreign language classroom”

Selecting listening tasks for the EFL classroom

What makes a good listening activity? How can we make sure that our listening tasks foster language comprehension and acquisition? Here are some tips on designing and choosing effective listening activities for our foreign language learners.     In many EFL contexts learners do not get enough exposure to the L2 outside the language classroom. UsingContinue reading “Selecting listening tasks for the EFL classroom”

Designing reading activities for the foreign language classroom: some key points to consider

Instilling the ‘reading bug’ to our learners may be one of the greatest achievements of a language teacher. We need to make our students want to read in the TL not because they have to but because they want to. This starts in the language classroom by choosing interesting texts, relevant to their age, levelContinue reading “Designing reading activities for the foreign language classroom: some key points to consider”

Managing speaking tasks in the EFL classroom

A checklist of things to consider when planning speaking tasks for the foreign language classroom Task-setting (the pre-task stage) Brainstorming, activating learner schemata     What support do our learners need to be able to carry out the speaking task? How much do they know about the topic? Do they need some help with language toContinue reading “Managing speaking tasks in the EFL classroom”

Introducing and practising new language in the EFL classroom

    When we plan to focus on a new TL pattern (a new linguistic structure, a new grammar point etc.) there are several points to keep in mind. We must think of the most effective ways to introduce this new linguistic information, to grade the level of difficulty of the tasks according to our learners’Continue reading “Introducing and practising new language in the EFL classroom”

Lesson planning and its importance to effective language teaching

How can we create efficient lesson plans for the EFL classroom? Here are some key factors to take into account when designing the various stages of our English language lessons In how much detail should we plan? Harmer (2001) has described the stages of lesson planning in the following ‘planning continuum’: What should be includedContinue reading “Lesson planning and its importance to effective language teaching”

The role of input modification and internal language processing in foreign language learning

How can we promote L2 acquisition through the negotiation of meaning and input adaptation? Here are some points to consider on the role of comprehensible input and learner discourse modifications in the development of our learners’ interlanguage.     With regard to L2 acquisition, a lot of research has been focusing on the role of inputContinue reading “The role of input modification and internal language processing in foreign language learning”

Teaching mixed proficiency levels

What are the problems and challenges in teaching multilevel classes? Here are some strategies to foster language learning and maintain learner motivation in heterogeneous classrooms “We do not teach a group, but thirty separate people. Because of this, the problem of mixed abilities in the same room seems absolutely natural and it is the ideaContinue reading “Teaching mixed proficiency levels”

The language threshold hypothesis and its implications on L2 reading instruction

How can we help our foreign language learners become efficient readers in the TL? Here are some points to consider to promote reading comprehension in the EFL classroom The language threshold hypothesis (Cummings, 1976) states that “a minimum threshold in language proficiency must be passed before a second-language speaker can reap any benefits from language”Continue reading “The language threshold hypothesis and its implications on L2 reading instruction”

Motivational strategies for the foreign language classroom

How can we increase our learners’ ‘goal-orientedness’ and intrinsic motivation? Here are 8 motivational strategies for the language classroom that will help us keep our learners’ self-confidence and willingness to participate in the lesson at high levels There are many ways by which teachers can positively affect both the intrinsic and the extrinsic motivation ofContinue reading “Motivational strategies for the foreign language classroom”

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