10 qualities of a successful speaking activity

What strategies can EFL teachers adopt to boost the effectiveness of a speaking task? Here are 10 tips on designing a successful speaking lesson for the EFL classroom     When we ask about someone’s ability in a foreign language, the usual way of checking this is by asking “Do you speak…?”. This clearly shows thatContinue reading “10 qualities of a successful speaking activity”

Maximizing student interaction through authentic communicative tasks

How can we boost learner interaction to promote language learning? Here are 7 points to consider when selecting communicative tasks for the EFL classroom Emphasis on communication and language use     For Harmer, ‘successful language teaching’ should be judged according to the ‘balance of the activities our students are involved in’. Since in most EFLContinue reading “Maximizing student interaction through authentic communicative tasks”

Promoting active learning in the EFL classroom

How can we make sure our learners are more actively involved in the learning process? Here are 7 points to consider in order to encourage student participation in the EFL lesson Promoting learner creativity A lesson that is relevant and meaningful to our learners will most definitely help increase their willingness to participate. Promoting learnerContinue reading “Promoting active learning in the EFL classroom”

Promoting creative writing in the EFL classroom

How can we boost learner motivation through creative writing activities? Here are 6 tips on selecting authentic, stimulating tasks to unleash learner creativity Task authenticity     As Harmer (2001:259) points out, the term creative writing suggests ‘imaginative tasks’, such as writing poems and stories, whose ‘end result’ is to promote effective learning and maximize learnerContinue reading “Promoting creative writing in the EFL classroom”

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