Welcome to my blog

My name is Joanna and I am a certified (MA TEFL, CELTA) EFL teacher and a freelance translator (EL, EN, ESP, IT) with working experience at the United Nations and the terminology coordination unit of the European Parliament.

I hold a BA in English Language and Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (MA TEFL) and a second MA in Applied Translation Studies (MAATS) both from the University of Leeds.

My research interests include vocabulary teaching and the use of corpora in the language classroom.

Why do this?

This is primarily the blog of an EFL teacher’s learning experience. On learning new languages, on learning how to teach. My work and studies reflect my passion for all things related to languages and applied linguistics. I ll be using this blog to share my thoughts and viewpoints on all matters related to language learning and the EFL classroom.

My posts will focus primarily on innovative pedagogies for the EFL classroom, corpus linguistics, language learning theories, the use of technology to foster English language learning and on how to adjust and adapt teaching in the new age of Covid-19.

I do hope some of you will find my blog content interesting and I do hope to be able to offer (through my viewpoints and experience) some useful tips and guidance especially to EFL teachers who are new to the profession.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

    1. Joanna Nifli

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback. I will do my best to try and share my knowledge and my love for language teaching with fellow colleagues.


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